CoastalCCS is a premier NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) provider for families and their loved ones in the Wilmington area!

Welcome to Coastal Carolina Concierge, the premier NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) service provider serving Wilmington and the surrounding counties! At Coastal Carolina Concierge, our focus is offering superior NEMT services, which are entirely customizable to each client.  We work with families, trustees, guardians, insurance providers, and care facilities to meet our clients’ non-emergency medical transportation needs, and often at private pay rates.

At CoastalCCS, we recognize the importance of providing accessible and cost-effective access to NEMT services for any person in need of transportation. CoastalCCS has established and aligned itself with Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Affairs Office, and many medical providers within the area to streamline the process of transportation. Our leading technology enables our customers’ easy scheduling and payment options. The team at CoastalCCS provides compassion and understanding of how each family brings a unique circumstance when looking for a provider. Staff members and drivers have all completed appropriate training and certifications to serve the community with the utmost professionalism.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Who Do We Serve and Why Do People Call CoastalCCS?

Who Do We Serve:

  • Private Pay Patients
  • Medicaid Recipients
  • Disabled People

Medical Visits Including:

  • Occupational and
  • Physical Therapy,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Dialysis, X-rays (MRI),
  • Radiation Treatment,
  • Wound Clinics

Visits Including:

  • Family Gatherings
  • Events
  • Hospital Transfers
  • Discharges,
  • Out-of-County
  • Out-of-State Transports
  • Special transportation needs

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